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A great family

The great family of Casa Robles is staffed by experts in kitchen, dining room and management ando organization of events. A team full of talent and years of learning that every day, with their work, show why Casa Robles is a model of quality and excellence in the Sevillian restoration.


A passionate team.

At Casa Robles we have a passion for gastronomy, a team with a long experience with the ablity to innovate even in the most traditional dishes and create new proposals every season.


Laura Robles, 
tradition and vanguardism.

A special mention is deserved by our traditional artisan baked goods elaborated in the Robles Bakery, whose direction is commanded by Laura Robles. The creations of her bakery can be enjoyed in our restaurants every day. From the most classic to the most surprising proposals.


A unique
and exceptional

Both the bakery and the kitchen of Casa Robles have received numerous awards over the years, highlighting the “Alimentos de España” award to Best Restaurant and the “Gorro de Plata” award to the Best Traditional Artisan Pastry.