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Our Spring/Summer Menu

To our already recognized quality of the raw material used and to our characteristic vision of traditional cuisine, this autumn we will add very fine rich proposals. At Casa Robles we incorporate, with products from nearby and seasonal markets, as usual, dishes and specialties with new points of view of our classic products.

Basic elements of our kitchen such as cod, now comes to the table smoked at the moment with wasabi aioli and wakame seaweed. Fresh wild sea bass can now also be eaten as a ceviche with ají amarillo, lime and jalapenos.

The "fish of the day" is an expression that in Robles we strictly follow, very fresh products from the Andalusian and seasonal coasts of the interior of the province. At Casa Robles we are committed to variety and innovation, incorporating weekly specialties and renewing dishes every two weeks, such as a pasta with flavored cream of truffle, mushrooms and free-range egg yolk.

The menu houses among its usual offer some more unique touches in all its sections. Outside of it, you cannot forget the bar's showcase with exceptional tapas and the essential selection of desserts.


Respect for the origin,
the essence of our work.

Based on products of the season and recipes that have been transmitted from generation to generation, the menu at Casa Robles is the most faithful reflection of the gastronomy that belongs to the land, adapted to the current trends.


Every day the freshest and most exceptional.

The base of our work is the freshest raw material and only of exceptional quality. Our kitchen has the aim of highlighting all its qualities by taking care of all the phases of production to the outmost detail.

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Quality all through, from start to end.

As a reward to this compromise with quality, Casa Robles has received numerous recognitions among which we distinguish the prize "Alimentos de España" to the Best restaurant and the "Gorro de Plata" to the best traditional confectionary from our bakery directed by Laura Robles.